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*Notice to all applicants!* All communication regarding open roles and hiring will come from someone with an email address. You will always have multiple interviews and meet several members on our team before an offer is presented. We will never ask you to send money for any equipment. If you have any concerns or questions or if someone has reached out to you and you believe it to be a scam please contact 

MUD\WTR is a ritual-building company. We started with a question: “Why are so many people addicted to coffee?” We followed that upstream, which led us to bigger questions about mental health. Our mission became to heal the mind through products, content and experiences that evolve how we rise and rest. 

We began by offering a new morning ritual to people who no longer wanted to be controlled by coffee. Our OG product, :rise, is a blend of masala chai, cacao and adaptogenic mushrooms that has 1/7th the amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee, providing focus and energy without the jitters, crash and $h*tty sleep. 

We watched as this new ritual—especially when paired with other habits, like journaling or meditation—changed lives. A few years later, we created an evening ritual, :rest, to bookend the day. It’s a caffeine-free blend that promotes the type of sleep that makes you want to high-five your pillow the next day.

But our mission extends far beyond what we put in our mugs. We see our company as a protest to hustle culture. We reject the “sleep when you’re dead” attitude that’s rampant in start-ups because we know that how we rest, relax and recover supports how we rise, create and perform the next day.

MUD\WTR creates thought-provoking storytelling—through our journalism and films—that moves the needle on conversations around well-being and mental health. We’re vocal about our support of psychedelic research. 

Everything we learn along the way is put into practice on our team. Because we can’t lead without taking our own advice.

This is why we’re pioneering a new way to work that puts employee well-being first. Our company culture is a radical experiment in trust: We’re placing a big bet on the idea that if you give employees a benefits package that most CEOs would deem business suicide, the team will work harder, create better and stay longer. This looks like every other Friday off, the ability to work from anywhere, unlimited vacation time (that we make you actually use), a monthly wellness budget and a childcare stipend. (See what our team has to say about the benefits here.) 

At least once a year, we round up our remote team for an all-hands trip so we can bond and grow as a group. Past destinations have included Japan, Australia, El Salvador, Yellowstone, Oahu and Mexico. 

We do all of this because we want our team to be at 100 percent 70 percent of the time, not 70 percent 100 percent of the time. We believe in working smarter, not harder. We optimize for speed. If we can do it fast, we can recover fast. Someone who asks the best questions or makes us realize we’re looking at the wrong question makes us go faster.

We’re growing fast and looking for bold, creative minds to join us in this grand experiment we call MUD\WTR. Come shake up the snow globe with us.

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Perks & Benefits

The best team deserves the best benefits.

  • Competitive Salary + Equity | Healthy compensation including equity.
  • Unlimited MUD | You get all the mud you need.
  • Insurance | Health, vision & dental.
  • Remote Work | Work from home or our Venice, CA office or a hut on the beach somewhere.
  • Wellness Budget | $200/mo to spend on your wellbeing.
  • Oura Ring | Average Company Sleep Score is a KPI.
  • Bonus Structure | Company-wide performance and wellness related bonuses.
  • Team Trips | We will book at least one all-expenses-paid team trip per year.
  • 401k | We match 100% of your contribution up to 3% of salary
  • Monthly Childcare benefit | $500 per child 5 and under.
  • Weekly Paychecks | We pay every week with direct deposit.
  • Unlimited Vacation | You're an adult, we trust you.
  • Every Other Friday Off | We want you 100%, 70% of the time. Not the inverse.
  • Accounting | We will have our CPA firm do your income taxes at no cost to you.
  • Swag | We'll ship ya $250 in MUD\WTR swag.
  • Parental Leave | Paid time away w additional unpaid and gradual return options